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Destructoid takes on RRoD…

… well, not really. The latest Destructoid comic has them attacking a hord of advancing Red Ring of Death Xboxs: The whole post can be found here. A host of characters for RR0D would be great, shame they’d all come from the recesses of my phyche… or MS paint anyways: If you’re dissapointed about this [...]
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Death Given Meaning: the heroic townsfolk of Patchwork Heroes

Death is often an integral element within gaming, in fact that almost every ‘AAA’ title requires killing and the avoidance of being killed within the formal elements of the game. How games deal with death varies heavily, in the most common of circumstances we can separate this into two categories, player death (i.e. you) and [...]
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PSP is 5 years old, yet nobody knows what it is.

Identity crisis are nothing unusual, in gaming or otherwise, although what a console is and what it does should be the first things you establish because this is inextricably linked to who will buy it. Tracking the PSP’s progress (outside of Japan) is interesting because it does show Sony’s hand held to be a problem [...]
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Permadeath’s a bitch, get over it.

Whilst only having knowledge of the briefest outlines of the Permadeath championed by Ben Abraham’s with his frankly mind-boggling and mad odyssey into Far cry 2 followed by an impressive machinema novel documenting \his journey, it is apparent from the continued attention that the idea is clearly a valuable one. Ben, responding to some of [...]
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