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"It Appears My Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds"

[This piece is part of an ongoing conversation, and a partial response to Chris Green's earlier post] In my first piece about Red Dead Redemption I heaped on some praise about the random encounter system, and I justified it existing in a world where the narrative was to be assumed to be “gamey”. I did [...]
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Red, Dead and wet.

[This post is a partial response to Mike Dunbar's musings on Rockstar's latest offering] There he was, the snivelling worm of a man, wanted for cattle rustling, murder and rape. The man who, if retrieved alive, would earn me $240, not an amount to be sniffed at by any man. The bodies strewn across the [...]
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I Figured Out Why It’s Called Red Dead Redemption

So there I was, having just shot and killed half the Walton gang, busting through the flimsy doors of their desert hideout – about to rescue a rancher’s daughter from the loneliness of rapists and outlaws. I burst in like hell with legs, and see there’s still one man standing over her with a gun [...]
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Indie Game: The Movie

We’ve seen many projects born of Kickstarter’s money raising abilities, Kill Screen magazine and Addicube are just two recent examples of this. This morning though, I’ve seen another project which has really taken my eye, this project is “Indie Game: The Movie”. Its pretty self explanatory as to what it’s about, but don’t judge it [...]
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