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Chronoludic Podcast Episode 3: Awesomeness in the Power of Your Hand

Subscribe links to the podcast & blog feeds in the sidebar Or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here Or even download the podcast directly here Or you can listen to it here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Heyo, Mike here, and I’m here to welcome you to episode 3 of the Chronoludic [...]
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Are Games Too Easy?

The question of difficulty within gaming is a tricky one really. The general consensus from the hardcore who began their gaming experiences by spending hours in the local arcade is that games now-a-days are too easy, dumbed down and ultimately disappointing. To a “hardcore” life-long gamer having their hand held throughout long periods within a [...]
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German Game Ratings 101

Globally, there are very few countries that are as hard on video games as mine. Germany is notoriously anal when it comes to rating and legislating gaming, rivalled only by Australia’s absence of an 18+ rating, and the various raving mad regulations various Asian countries, among them of course China’s total ban on consoles. Germany’s [...]
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Genre: a crutch that needs kicking away

As humans with our five senses we are in a constant state of activity, in our conscious hours, interpreting the world around us. Of course we do not ruminate on this every moment. Constantly, we are making quick glances, selectively hearing snippets of coherence in the cacophony of life, and generally ignoring a great deal [...]
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