For those of you who can’t get enough of our posts here on Chronoludic we’ve also now have a couple of podcasts which (in theory) are fortnightly. So if you can’t get enough of us and what more musings on games and gaming culture (or simply can’t be bothered to read them), subscribe using one of the links below and let us know what you think. Information about us is also available in prime essays that are written by our sponsors. If you’ve got any questions, queeries or corrections we’d love to hear it (unless you’re a troll, in that case you can go back under your bridge, there is nothing for you here).

The Chronoludic podcasts come in two flavours, Chronoludic – the original, with all our talking and musing and such, and Sonoludic – Mike’s spin-off game music podcast. The episodes of each are staggered, one after the other.

Episode list- Chronoludic:

Ep6: The Humble Indie Mumble

Ep5: What’s A Game Worth?

EP4: A New Hope (Part 2)

EP4: A New Hope (Part 1)

EP3: Awesomeness in the Power of Your Hand

EP2: The Rationale of Death

EP1: Recognising Redeption Or Death

Episode list- Sonoludic:

Ep3: A K.O.L.Ming Experience

EP2: Deadly Premonition Special

EP1: The Rich Pallet

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