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The 143 word Challenge

In yesturday’s “one a day” blog by Mr Sinan “shoinan” Kubba, he chanellenges himself (and the rest of the game writing community) the task of producing a review for a game which is 143 words or less. Writing anything about a game within that word count is a task indeed, but observing all the conventions [...]
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I live in The Village, so why can’t I play The Prisoner?

“Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages!” Being a player of games, I am often examining the works of fiction I enjoy in other mediums and wondering how they would fare in my beloved medium of the videogame. Rarely do I get the [...]
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OCD – Obsessive Consumption Drive

Collecting games is a bit akin to collecting books. They might look good on the shelf, but a lot of time needs to be invested to get anything substantial out of them. A game disc in itself is worthless unless the game itself is played with some attention. Just as a book is useless when [...]
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The Cigarette in the Wine Bottle

I have been stood up for a date once in my life, but unlike Julian Luxemburg, the protagonist of Stout Game’s début title Dinner Date, I did not have the good fortune to be stood up in my own kitchen. It is good fortune for us now that Julian was. He can smoke in his kitchen, and boy [...]
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