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Deathspank’d into LIMBO

I can’t say I’ve been overwhelmed by my recent gaming purchases on the whole, not this year really. I could list many titles which have been dubbed “game of 2010”, but no matter how prematurely these claims seem I haven’t felt as many of this year’s titles have really measured up. Is gaming getting worse? [...]
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Chronoludic Podcast Episode 2: The Rationale of Death

Subscribe links to the podcast & blog feeds in the sidebar Or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here Or even download the podcast directly here Or you can listen to it here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Hello, and welcome to episode 2 of our podcast! This week we were joined by, [...]
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What I really learnt from Crackdown 2

My original piece on Crackdown 2 was going to be something awfully generic like “10 things I learnt about being a genetically modified agent in Crackdown 2”, my reasoning behind this is that it somehow reflected the simplistic gaming experience. After a short amount of time with the game I began to think that there [...]
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p0nd: Are you talking to me?

UPDATE: The site apparently was “crushed by the internet”. Here are two mirrors:  Mirror 1, and Mirror 2. As some of you will know I’m part-way into making a mod for Half Life 2 that will probably fall into the category of being an art-mod, an off-shoot of the art-game genre. My aims are to [...]
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