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Chronicles of Spaghetti

Consider this a break in usual transmissions. Normal service will be resumed shortly. This is a completly unrelated to Chronoludic, yet it is strangely fitting for the bizzare (to put it mildly) few weeks I’ve just had. Look at what my brother has sent me… (In case you’re wondering it’s the tin [...]
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Better Late than Never: Zeno Clash

You were raised in Halstedom with your brothers and sisters under Father-Mother’s guidance. A crow-like creature, Father-Mother unites the family which is as closely nit as it is hostile to outsiders. They, the family, do not want you any more, you lived with Corwid’s, you became one of them, and for that Father-Mother Banishes you. [...]
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Collectables and Achievement hunting

Gamerpoints, wow if that isn’t a phallic exercise in comparing your figurative penis to all your friends, I’m not really sure I know what is. That may sound overly harsh and some could even take offence in this. I may reluctantly retract elements of it as this post progresses, I haven’t decided yet. I may [...]
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“Come join me on my group of cubes!”

I’m sure Chris will have come to his own conclusions about this, and I was initially reticent to do this because I know many others have already (and more promptly, sorry I watched Microsoft’s Keynote, fell horribly ill, and then watched Office Space with my girlfriend) but here is my impressions of the first day [...]
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