Q: Why did you move?

Mike: Being stuck in a wordpress blog, while alright for a while, was never going to get us the sort of views you’d need to encourage discussion, and our main aim when making RRoD was to join and facilitate intelligent discussion about gaming and gaming culture and this is greatly described by writing service https://best-writing-service.com/ Then there was an incredibly generous offer from Monique and Ian at Hellmode to take care of the hosting of our site, and help us get the web design sorted for launch (over this very hectic weekend), I suppose we were made an offer we couldn’t refuse! I really wanted to pay them a  ton of money but so far they’ve only expressed interest in cake, which I don’t think we can legally send from the UK into the USA.

Chris: It has always been planned for the blog to be hosted on its own site when we deemed the time was right, it just so happened that that occured much more quickly than we would have expected. Really it’s only natural that this move was going to happen, we’re sure it is for the best and you’ll all see the difference in the coming weeks.

Q: What does “Chronoludic” mean?

Chris: Well, quite simply it means “Play Time” (or time play if you’re being an arse) but the idea behind it was that we’re taking an informed looked at something which is meant to be enjoyable, hense the name sounds serious, but it is in it’s very nature, playful. Myself and Mike both wanted to talk about games in an informed manner, we just don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Mike: It was a good time to wave off RRoD a name that, while we liked it, was getting us a ton of twitter bots offering Xbox repair. Also I think Chronoludic fits the air of the site better – makes us sound smart, but also gamery. Because let’s face it, as much as I want to be a full on academic type, there’s no avoiding the fact I spent hours on Beat Hazard playing “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys repeatedly. I can’t vouch for Chris, though, and he came up with the name.

Q: So what’s going to be different?

Mike: Well we’ll still be writing essays and the like as we always did. In fact, I’m not going to be doing much of anything to be more popular. Just keep swimming. We’ll be doing the podcasts of course, having done one already. The main changes will be behind the scenes, I should think. You know on Dragon’s Den when the Dragons tell the excited young entrepreneur that if they invested it wouldn’t just be about the money, but they’d get all this priceless experience and expertise? I was that nervous young entrepreneur on Friday night. Monique was my Deborah Meaden.

Chris: Not a lot really… I might sell out to finally buy myself the quilted smoking jacket i’ve always wanted. (This is obviously a joke, but EA or Sony, if you want to send me a Smoking Jacket I won’t stop you).

Q: So what happens now?

Mike: We do stuff, and hopefully you come back and look at it, comment on it, and we talk about it.

Chris: Rest.

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