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Happy Birthday Chronoludic!

Hello and welcome to Chronoludic! This is the new place to find articles and podcasts from Chris Green and Mike Dunbar (now, formerly of RRoD – feels weird saying that) as well as all of our previous material archived, there will also be pieces on the projects we are working on. Surprised at how there [...]
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Chronicles of Spaghetti

Consider this a break in usual transmissions. Normal service will be resumed shortly. This is a completly unrelated to Chronoludic, yet it is strangely fitting for the bizzare (to put it mildly) few weeks I’ve just had. Look at what my brother has sent me… (In case you’re wondering it’s the tin [...]
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Destructoid takes on RRoD…

… well, not really. The latest Destructoid comic has them attacking a hord of advancing Red Ring of Death Xboxs: The whole post can be found here. A host of characters for RR0D would be great, shame they’d all come from the recesses of my phyche… or MS paint anyways: If you’re dissapointed about this [...]
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