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Crime, Sleep, Punishment, Death: Naming the Beast

Naming a beast is a necessary task, something meaningful, memorable and apt is a good place to start. You’ll notice that the title I’ve decided to use for my adaptation of Crime and Punishment for Sleep is Death is a simple combination of the two titles in a way which suggests the nature of the [...]
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Experiments in the First-person and Notgames

The mod is a wonderful thing. It represents the best of the gaming community – creativity, a plucky spirit to bring new life to old games, and opportunities for people who want to learn more about game design to get involved without forcing them into an academic route or substantial financial commitment. Over the years [...]
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Creating Rasklonikov

I have tried to create the protagonist of the story adhering to the description as written in Dostoevsky’s novel as taken from The Literature Network, ( I’m not exactly sure which translation is being used here, however it is a very useful resource because its searchable and also saves me transcribing the sections of interest. [...]
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Adapting Crime and Punishment: A Preamble

Adapting Dostoevsky’s classic novel is something I have wanted to do for a considerably long time, it is easily my favourite novel and one of the most incredible literary works ever. However the literary suspense and extensive interior nature of Crime and Punishment hardly lends itself to adaptation whilst retaining much of its original form. [...]
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