Chronoludic Podcast Episode 3: Awesomeness in the Power of Your Hand

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Heyo, Mike here, and I’m here to welcome you to episode 3 of the Chronoludic podcast! Not only is it our third ‘cast, it is also the first ‘cast that our new writer Seb has sat in on. Speaking personally I’m really glad he was there as he was not only good conversation, but very knowledgeable on the feature of this month’s podcast: handheld gaming devices.

Now for the shownotes:

Chronoludic Ep3: Awesomeness in the Power of Your Hand – Shownotes

00:00:00 – 00:02:00

Introduction to the podcast, Mike’s music “Sad Robot”, and a chat with Seb – our new writer. Chris implies he has a “new car smell” but I shouldn’t like to think where he got this info.

“The News” (in which we round up what’s going on at the minute and talk about it until it’s not news anymore)

00:02:00 – 00:08:07

The first part is a chat Realtime Worlds going, sadly, into administration. Obviously we wish the best for all those affected by it, and for those who have lost jobs to move on to better things. The conversation inevitably turns to APB’s subscription model.

00:08:07 – 00:24:16

In the wake of Gamescom 2010 things have been dated. This includes Portal 2. We talk about game releases trickling throughout the year increasingly, and the way Valve is treating the hype build-up with Portal 2. Kinect is dated (we don’t care too much), Mass Effect 2 for PS3 is discussed, as well as Gearbox taking on Duke Nukem Forever (and ever, and ever). Finally, to conclude the “news”, CLINT HOCKING has been hired by Lucasarts to work on an original, unannounced, title. I am excited by this because I’m glad he’s still in games, at least.

Feature: Handheld Gaming

00:24:16 – 00:25:00

A short excerpt from the track “Gameboy Tune” composed by Tomáš Dvořák (AKA Floex) from the soundtrack to the Amanita Designs game Machinarium.

00:25:00 – 00:43:00

A feature on handhelds, I think, has the potential to get a bit dry so to give you all a good place to have a little rest, I have broken the feature up into two sections: The past – from the Gameboy up until just before the Gameboy Advance, and then the present and future. In this first section we discuss what mobile gaming means to us a gamers, and discuss how the main driving force of its success is it’s portability – and that that is the main draw, as a comparison between the Gameboy and Game Gear attests. We also discuss a few “also ran” handhelds, which to be honest, I had to use Wikipedia to keep up with.

00:43:00 – 00:43:34

An excerpt of the track “My Virtual World of Goo Corporation” composed by Kyle Gabler from the soundtrack to, you’ll never guess, World of Goo.

00:43:34 – 01:09:07

In the concluding part of our feature we discuss the present and future of handheld gaming. We talk about the Nintendo DS in its variant forms, and its competitors. We also turn to Apple with a look to the future, and discuss the health of the appstore as a games platform.

NOTE: This photograph is what you need to look at for discussion on the N-Gage:

What We’re Playing – In which, in that classic game podcast style, we discuss what we’ve been playing.

01:09:07 – 01:10:25

An excerpt of the track “Home Sweet Home” composed by Christophe Heral from the soundtrack to the not-Nietzsche Sim game Beyond Good and Evil.

01:10:25 – 01:36:25

The entirety of this section is used to discuss our compounded experiences with Kane and Lynch 2 – an unusual amount of focus for a game we all thought was distinctly average, but then it its imperfections there are lessons to be learned. It also raises an interesting question about racism in games, and we agree Kane and Lynch 2 treads a thin line on the matter. I would be compelled to say that thematically for the characters the representation of Shanghai is in keeping with their paranoid and violent natures, and since no one is represented as being superior to the other it narrowly avoids being totally racist, however, I would still feel incredibly awkward playing this game with a Chinese person.

Toodle Pip…

01:36:25 – 01:37:48

We say our goodbyes and play that theme song with the talking robot (what I wrote) again.

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