Sonoludic Episode 2 – Deadly Premonition Special

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Hey, Mike here with another Sonoludic – the podcast that explores the music and sound of video-games. Chris is getting in on the act too, and he will be updating this ‘cast too but this episode is one of mine, and it’s about Deadly Premonition.

Deadly Premonition is a game that many gamers, a little unfairly perhaps, criticize because of its graphics and music appearing to be a bit dated. Now I can’t speak for the graphics, but when you examine the music of Deadly Premonition it is abundantly clear, to me, that like so many other things in the game, it is in fact riffing off Angelo Badalamenti, and Twin Peaks.

This podcast is about how a game can be influenced by a tv show, how it is interpreted for the music of another medium, and how other games took the same source material but unconstrained by the obligation to mimic it, are free to interpret it in other ways.

Update: While I’ve got your attention, you should swing by Planet Redwood – a Deadly Premonition Fansite that I just discovered has a section detailing the numerous references DP makes to Twin Peaks, there is section there comparing the music much the way I have, though some of the selections are different from my own, it is definitely worth checking out. NOTE – there are many spoilers for Deadly Premonition AND Twin Peaks in the references.

Track 1: “York and Zach” by R. Kinugasa, T. Kobayashi, and H. Mizutani from Deadly Premonition.

Track 2: “Greenvale” by R. Kinugasa et al. from Deadly Premonition.

Track 3: “Laura Palmer’s Theme (live, with commentary)” by A. Badalamenti from Twin Peaks.

Track 4: “Underground” by R. Kinugasa et al. from Deadly Premonition.

Track 5: “Night Life in Twin Peaks” by Angelo Badalamenti from Twin Peaks.

Track 6: “Thomas McClaine” by R. Kinugasa et al. from Deadly Premonition.

Track 7: “Dance of the Dream Man” by A. Badalamenti from Twin Peaks.

Track 8: “Different Persons” by A. Yamaoka from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Track 9: “Tom the Diver (Orchestral)” by P. Alanko from Alan Wake.

Track 10: “Lucas’ Main Theme” by A. Badalamenti from Fahrenheit.

Outro and bed-music under the first link is “Life is Beautiful” by R. Kinugasa et al. from Deadly Premonition.

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  1. Florian
    Posted May 17, 2011 at 10:32 pm | Permalink

    I’m late to comment on this, but beaing a fan of Deadly Premonition, I just recently stumbled upon this podcast. There’s one concern I’d like to point out regarding your comparison with that articular Akira Yamaoka piece, which relies heavily on a sample by German band “Janus”, and thus might not be the best choice as a Yamaoka piece. I might well be the first person to point this out on the interwebs, since Janus is not exactly well known.

    Listen to the original on Youtube, released in 2004.

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